Showstoppers 2018

By Cab Calloway School of the Arts (other events)

3 Dates Through Nov 18, 2018


ShowStoppers is our yearly extravaganza where MIddle School and High School Arts classes demonstrate why Cab Calloway is truly a School of the Arts. Ever since 1999, we have had an overarching theme to the performances. This year’s theme is ‘Mythos’; a recurrent narrative theme or a set of beliefs or assumptions. In ShowStoppers this year you will see and hear performances dealing with Women Empowerment, the Planets as Gods, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Zombies, universal truths, storytelling, addiction to caffeine and, of course, we will bring back the Spirit of Cab Calloway for our ‘Minnie, the Moocher’ finale. Cheer for your favorite performer but be prepared to be overwhelmed by every act in ShowStoppers 2018!

Cab Calloway School of the Arts